Football Team Play – Week One for College Football

How’s your experience with the happenings last season?

Do you still remember the last season for college football?

With the games ended up in great joy, full of surprises, new teams and fun event, the Ohio State’s season fell apart after they have lost Braxton Miller, one of the best players in the season.

Back in the college football season, there are a lot of things that didn’t happened.

First is the Oklahoma earning in a spot in the inaugural College Football Playoff was not in this season.

Next, if you know Kenny Trill, he didn’t hoist the Heisman trophy during that season as well.

What is the reason it didn’t happen?

Simple. It didn’t happen because week one of the college football was a terrible indicator and it shows how college football season will play out.

With last year’s Ohio State team, most of the analysts writing off the Buckeyes the minute the news of Braxton Miller’s pre-season injury hit the wire.

They thought it was the end of team’s game during the season but it seems the team have been reinforcing the pessimism week one against the Navy Football team. They have won the game with 34-17 but the viewers looked at it as none too impressive type of game and the Ohio State fell in the polls.

The echo chamber of week one soothsayers had spoken, and its message was clear: Ohio State was done.

So there you had it, the stage was set for the storylines set up for the week one to play out over the following four months starting this day.

What will happen after that?

Like the first season, it will be quickly abandoned by those storylines and the week one will be pictured out as accurate as a webcam shot in blurred lighting just like in any site.

For a quick rundown, the Ohio State looked worse in week two than in week one, losing 35-21 to Virginia Tech. But the Buckeyes rallied and won 10 straight, plus the Big 10 Championship (59-0, no less), then snuck into the CFP amid some controversy, where they beat Alabama and Oregon to win it all.

Oklahoma finished the season 8-5, limping across the finish line with a 40-6 Citrus Bowl loss to Clemson.

Aside from the different things that happened during the season, there are interesting things that happened also.

Despite all the twists and turns of the football season, college football fans, including the experts, are once again failed to learn the lesson that has been taught every season since the sport’s inception that brought week one to mean almost nothing.

Week one means nothing because the frame of reference we have to judge team performances is infinitesimally small and notoriously inaccurate. We anointed Texas A&M based only on a win at South Carolina.

In fact, the concept of a “big win” or “bad loss” really doesn’t exist in week one. The opponent your team beat or lost to have played anyone else. Therefore, you really don’t know how good or bad they are.

What are your thoughts about this football season everyone? Comment it below and give us your best review about the current football season.

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