Football News – College Football and the Underdogs for 2015

Do you think the underdogs in the football college could be a big thing this year 2015? What do you think about the previous performances of the different football colleges? Today, we will discuss all of it and at the bottom we will ask what your opinion about the whole topic is.

Have you heard about what happen to Tim Walsh?

Some people would say that he might have sounded a little defensive in his previous interviews. Even though he heard so many questions like the quality of football that teams play at Cal Poly’s level before but still, other listeners and viewers are quiet surprised by his answers.

With that said, the whole got a pat in the back for doing their best and for keeping the game a close one against the college football’s big boys.

Aside from everything that is happening with Walsh’s team, the coach of Cal Poly, as you can see in his interview and the game, was a little bit tired after he and his team had just spent the whole Sunday cramming the Southwest Airlines flight from Phoenix to Los Angeles and then after that, they took a 3 and a half hour bus ride to their respective homes.

According to Cal Poly’s coach, there are so many great football players in the United States and Auburn can’t take them all, even Arizona State and the USC. They all played really good and they all deserve more respect. Probably by next season the team might be about to get the top spot.

If the first two weeks of the season are any predictor, this could be the year of the underdog in college football.

With this season in football, the public have been introduced to a lot of new little guys that might be competing in the next football season, like the Cal Poly.

There are so many new football teams but there are sheer number of them that stood out from the crowd of players.

And on top of that, some of these games have come not only against major college programs from the Power Five conferences, but also against the nation’s elite.

Have you seen the new teams yet?

As for the Cal Poly, they have conquered the fourth quarter with the Arizona State but then lost in the end part with 35-21.

I, myself, have to admit that I haven’t heard a lot of these new college football schools that enters the season. The big boys pay them to come to their stadiums so they can get in some practice without the chance of losing. But for me, they might have to rethink that idea for the next season. They are all outstanding and absolutely good players if you haven’t seen them play this season. You can catch them all next time and be sure to lock your eyes on their moves, they are incredible.

What is happening right now?

The top underdog college football teams are following the model of the Cinderella basketball teams people fall in love with at the NCAA tournament every year.

Overall, without any questions, the underdogs have shot for the next football season. What can you say about the game for this season dear viewers? Comment below and share your thoughts about it.

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