Football Introduction – Simple Steps to Understand Football More

Are you a fan of football? Do you sometimes get confused by football? Well, say no more. We’ll help you understand football better and more with these simple steps.

For those who don’t know the thing about a first down (common words used in football playing), now you can learn the basics below:


What is the point? We all know that football is played between two teams that consist of eleven players in the field. The object of the game is to score more points than the other team, as easy as that.

During at any point of the game, one team is in the possession of the ball and while the other team is trying to get the ball into the end zone of the field.

The team on offense tries to advance the ball by running it on the ground or throwing the ball through the air. The other team is on defense, defending that end zone, trying to keep the team with the ball out.

The game will start with a simple kick-off and then the player who kicks to who which is his teammate will defend which side of the field is decided through a coin toss or depends on the decision of both the referee and the football committee.

Each team is given one end zone to defend. It’s a team’s task to score points in their opponent’s end zone.


This is where the team’s offense first foes onto the field. After that, they will get four chances to make ten yards.

It starts when the ball is snapped to the quarterback. He might give it to a running back or try and throw it. If a team can’t get ten yards on 3 downs, they’ll use the fourth down to kick the ball.

Football is a game of field position which is crucial for any player to remember all the time.


Now we are getting to the very best part, the touchdown. Let us now talk about scoring. It is everything in the football game. First, the touchdown is when a team crosses the goal line into the end of the zone with the football on his hand. It is worth six points which is a big deal.

But after a team scores a touchdown they get a field goal kick from the two yard line for what’s called an “extra point”, or a “Point after Touchdown”, that’s worth 1 point if it sails through the yellow U at the back of the end zone which is called a goal post.


If your team cannot score or just close to a touchdown, they can choose to kick a field goal which is worth three points. Not bad, right? The only other way to score is called a safety. And it’s special because it actually gives points to the defense.

Simple, right? Overall, football is a simple game with rules that you need to abide to make the game clean and it is all about team effort and teamwork all the time.

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