Football News – College Football and the Underdogs for 2015

Do you think the underdogs in the football college could be a big thing this year 2015? What do you think about the previous performances of the different football colleges? Today, we will discuss all of it and at the bottom we will ask what your opinion about the whole topic is.

Have you heard about what happen to Tim Walsh?

Some people would say that he might have sounded a little defensive in his previous interviews. Even though he heard so many questions like the quality of football that teams play at Cal Poly’s level before but still, other listeners and viewers are quiet surprised by his answers.

With that said, the whole got a pat in the back for doing their best and for keeping the game a close one against the college football’s big boys.

Aside from everything that is happening with Walsh’s team, the coach of Cal Poly, as you can see in his interview and the game, was a little bit tired after he and his team had just spent the whole Sunday cramming the Southwest Airlines flight from Phoenix to Los Angeles and then after that, they took a 3 and a half hour bus ride to their respective homes.

According to Cal Poly’s coach, there are so many great football players in the United States and Auburn can’t take them all, even Arizona State and the USC. They all played really good and they all deserve more respect. Probably by next season the team might be about to get the top spot.

If the first two weeks of the season are any predictor, this could be the year of the underdog in college football.

With this season in football, the public have been introduced to a lot of new little guys that might be competing in the next football season, like the Cal Poly.

There are so many new football teams but there are sheer number of them that stood out from the crowd of players.

And on top of that, some of these games have come not only against major college programs from the Power Five conferences, but also against the nation’s elite.

Have you seen the new teams yet?

As for the Cal Poly, they have conquered the fourth quarter with the Arizona State but then lost in the end part with 35-21.

I, myself, have to admit that I haven’t heard a lot of these new college football schools that enters the season. The big boys pay them to come to their stadiums so they can get in some practice without the chance of losing. But for me, they might have to rethink that idea for the next season. They are all outstanding and absolutely good players if you haven’t seen them play this season. You can catch them all next time and be sure to lock your eyes on their moves, they are incredible.

What is happening right now?

The top underdog college football teams are following the model of the Cinderella basketball teams people fall in love with at the NCAA tournament every year.

Overall, without any questions, the underdogs have shot for the next football season. What can you say about the game for this season dear viewers? Comment below and share your thoughts about it.

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Football Team Play – Week One for College Football

How’s your experience with the happenings last season?

Do you still remember the last season for college football?

With the games ended up in great joy, full of surprises, new teams and fun event, the Ohio State’s season fell apart after they have lost Braxton Miller, one of the best players in the season.

Back in the college football season, there are a lot of things that didn’t happened.

First is the Oklahoma earning in a spot in the inaugural College Football Playoff was not in this season.

Next, if you know Kenny Trill, he didn’t hoist the Heisman trophy during that season as well.

What is the reason it didn’t happen?

Simple. It didn’t happen because week one of the college football was a terrible indicator and it shows how college football season will play out.

With last year’s Ohio State team, most of the analysts writing off the Buckeyes the minute the news of Braxton Miller’s pre-season injury hit the wire.

They thought it was the end of team’s game during the season but it seems the team have been reinforcing the pessimism week one against the Navy Football team. They have won the game with 34-17 but the viewers looked at it as none too impressive type of game and the Ohio State fell in the polls.

The echo chamber of week one soothsayers had spoken, and its message was clear: Ohio State was done.

So there you had it, the stage was set for the storylines set up for the week one to play out over the following four months starting this day.

What will happen after that?

Like the first season, it will be quickly abandoned by those storylines and the week one will be pictured out as accurate as a webcam shot in blurred lighting just like in any site.

For a quick rundown, the Ohio State looked worse in week two than in week one, losing 35-21 to Virginia Tech. But the Buckeyes rallied and won 10 straight, plus the Big 10 Championship (59-0, no less), then snuck into the CFP amid some controversy, where they beat Alabama and Oregon to win it all.

Oklahoma finished the season 8-5, limping across the finish line with a 40-6 Citrus Bowl loss to Clemson.

Aside from the different things that happened during the season, there are interesting things that happened also.

Despite all the twists and turns of the football season, college football fans, including the experts, are once again failed to learn the lesson that has been taught every season since the sport’s inception that brought week one to mean almost nothing.

Week one means nothing because the frame of reference we have to judge team performances is infinitesimally small and notoriously inaccurate. We anointed Texas A&M based only on a win at South Carolina.

In fact, the concept of a “big win” or “bad loss” really doesn’t exist in week one. The opponent your team beat or lost to have played anyone else. Therefore, you really don’t know how good or bad they are.

What are your thoughts about this football season everyone? Comment it below and give us your best review about the current football season.

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Football General Tips and Strategies – How to Help your Team Win the Game

We have a great deal for all the football lovers out there.

If you are a fan of football and want to try it out for fun or for professional use, we can help you with that.

There are a lot of strategies whether you are focusing on winning the finals for your football team or for plain fun activity, it’s all up to your passion and focus when playing.

These tips below will help you select the winning team and strategies that can be applied when you want to enter draft leagues and for the next season:

  1. Injured Player

This tip is really important for you to work with other players as a team. If you pick up an injured player in your line-up you will be hard pressed cash in any league as what they say.

Also, when you know who is injured, you can provide them with a great deal of information as to how injured players in a team or the opponent perhaps will respond.

Injuries play a huge factor in football from week to week and using this information is crucial to being a profitable daily football player.

  1. Matchups

Match-ups can play a huge factor in how well a player performs each week.  Understand each matchup and how it affects each player’s fantasy value for the week.

Understanding the added or diminished value that a player’s match-up offers is a huge deal for a football player to know and learn.

  1. Bargain Players

Look for players coming back off injuries, players lower on the depth chart stepping in for injured teammates or players who have been heating up the past couple of days, but haven’t seen a change in salary.

  1. Prime Time Games

When it comes to football season, it seems like big time players always put up their biggest numbers in prime time games.  You should also think about it when you want to win or your team in the football league.

  1. Weather When Playing

When you want to play football this season, the weather can play a huge factor in players’ success particularly when it is near the end of the season when the weather up north can take a turn for the worst if you know what I mean.

For this, in general, an outdoor game with horrible weather (snowy, rainy or wet) will lead to a more run oriented offense, while a dome game could result in the perfect conditions for quarterbacks and wide receivers.



  1. Understand the Way of the Scoring System

It is crucial that you know the scoring system for the daily fantasy site you are playing at in order to best use your fantasy football knowledge to pick a winning team.

  1. Coach Comments

If you are often being reprimanded by your team coach, understand that they are only doing their job as your coach to a successful play. You will often see coaches commenting on players throughout the week.

Take all coaches comments throughout the week with a grain of salt.  Remember that they are trying to win a football game, not help you best pick your football team.

With that said, when you want to enter a football team, these are the things you need to consider first. Let us all know your thoughts about football and the next season’s play. Comment it below!

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Football Introduction – Simple Steps to Understand Football More

Are you a fan of football? Do you sometimes get confused by football? Well, say no more. We’ll help you understand football better and more with these simple steps.

For those who don’t know the thing about a first down (common words used in football playing), now you can learn the basics below:


What is the point? We all know that football is played between two teams that consist of eleven players in the field. The object of the game is to score more points than the other team, as easy as that.

During at any point of the game, one team is in the possession of the ball and while the other team is trying to get the ball into the end zone of the field.

The team on offense tries to advance the ball by running it on the ground or throwing the ball through the air. The other team is on defense, defending that end zone, trying to keep the team with the ball out.

The game will start with a simple kick-off and then the player who kicks to who which is his teammate will defend which side of the field is decided through a coin toss or depends on the decision of both the referee and the football committee.

Each team is given one end zone to defend. It’s a team’s task to score points in their opponent’s end zone.


This is where the team’s offense first foes onto the field. After that, they will get four chances to make ten yards.

It starts when the ball is snapped to the quarterback. He might give it to a running back or try and throw it. If a team can’t get ten yards on 3 downs, they’ll use the fourth down to kick the ball.

Football is a game of field position which is crucial for any player to remember all the time.


Now we are getting to the very best part, the touchdown. Let us now talk about scoring. It is everything in the football game. First, the touchdown is when a team crosses the goal line into the end of the zone with the football on his hand. It is worth six points which is a big deal.

But after a team scores a touchdown they get a field goal kick from the two yard line for what’s called an “extra point”, or a “Point after Touchdown”, that’s worth 1 point if it sails through the yellow U at the back of the end zone which is called a goal post.


If your team cannot score or just close to a touchdown, they can choose to kick a field goal which is worth three points. Not bad, right? The only other way to score is called a safety. And it’s special because it actually gives points to the defense.

Simple, right? Overall, football is a simple game with rules that you need to abide to make the game clean and it is all about team effort and teamwork all the time.

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