For The Hardcore Fans: Football Themed Wedding

Wedding nowadays do not go as traditional anymore – gone are those conventional, typical ones and now comes the crazy and extraordinary ones. At present time, couples start to think of a theme or concept that they mutually prefer. One particular genre that is famous is sports. You and your fiancé might be surfers or surfing enthusiasts and want to emulate that lifestyle for your special day. Or perhaps you are both into baseball and have agreed to go with that style. Anything goes, really, on your wedding date.

Now, how about those avid fans of football out there? How do you bring your passion to life on your wedding?

Like everything else, much thought and planning must be done. Even if you are very excited upon the matter, it takes time and patience, especially if you have such a “perfect” standard. Discuss with your partner how far you are both willing to go for your football theme. In this way, you are able to compute your budget and narrow or widen your choices.

Moving on, a football wedding ceremony would definitely be so fulfilling if it can be done in a football field, right? There are local or public school fields that you can seek out. Supposing that you are not too concerned on money issues and you just want to go all out, some stadiums offer their area for private events as well. This can be practical too because both the ceremony and reception can happen in one place, so it provides comfort and no hassle for everyone.

It would be quite drastic to serve football food (read: popcorn, hamburgers, etc.) for dinner but it is your discretion. Or you can serve them as appetizers! Anyways, the best you could do though is research and look for shops that do customized cakes. There are made to order types and you can request for a football inspired one.

Do not forget to hire a wedding photographer. Take note of recommendations from family and/or friends or you can search online. It would be terrific if the photographer you get is a football fan too, so at least he is in tune with your interest. Before hiring, do check out their portfolio, see if you like it and then get in touch with them. Never hesitate to ask questions and discuss with them what your exact inclinations are, which, for this instance, is football.

London wedding photographer ChaChaCha LIN is very much recommended for your photography needs. He creates elegant documentaries for weddings and his expertise has given him opportunities to travel all over London, England and other countries. You can check him out also.

For more football goodness, keepsakes and giveaways can be related to the sport such as mini football or helmet key chains.  One awesome idea would be to prepare a jersey where you let your guests sign on it, and afterwards you frame it. Cool, right?

Let the football fan in you be happy and contented on your wedding day!

David Beckham Tip: Scoring Goals

David Beckham, the most famous football player and the former England captain reveals how to shoot the perfect goals.

source: BBC Sport Football

It may appear evident, yet one of the most essential element of catching is seeing to it you get the target.

And it’s not all concerning power – I assume integrity is a whole lot additional vital. If you attacked the other advantage to where the carer is you’ve gotten a lot more of a possibility of rating.

A great ways to do that is to camouflage that you’re checking out the shoot. That’s something that my Real Madrid team-mate Ronaldo does really well.

If you can look into one side and strike the round at the numerous other you’ve a great opportunity of tricking the goalkeeper.


When you’re striking the sphere you’ve consistently gotten to acquire your physique right.

Your standing foot should not be also near the round, yet it ought to be close good enough to help you balance.

It’s furthermore important to keep the sphere down. And to do that, you need to ensure you get your physique over it.

Shooting is a tough capability to learn and there’s a great deal to remember. The technique is to take part in the game and practicing as long as possible.


Normally, it’s not everything concerning penalizing your feet – all the quite finest strikers use their head.

I’m excusable at going – I’m quite high, consequently I reach many of the spheres. It’s just a situation of acquiring as greater and being as sustain as you can.

Possibly the trickiest component is keeping your eyes open. That can be tough, yet it’s essential to keep your eye on the round for as long as possible.


Note: To show how amazing his shooting skills are, a video released by Pepsi in their YouTube channel shows Beckham perfectly kicking  and shooting balls in thrash cans from afar. It has become viral and whether this video is true or not is not important. What matters is he has massive skills to boot!

Harry Styles pulls down Piers Morgan Pants During Charity Football Match

Harry Styles had a trick up his sleeve for Piers Morgan on Monday afternoon, as he took down his shorts throughout a charity football suit.

While the idea of Piers ‘going down trou’ isn’t really the kind of footage we would certainly urge people to share, we’re in fact quite pleased the very funny prank was caught on electronic camera, with a Vine video of the event doing the rounds online.

In the brief clip, Piers is revealed on the subsidiaries when Harry shows up from no place, and takes down the previous ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ court’s shorts, prior to escaping and offering a celebratory fistpump to the cam.

Fortunately it seemed that Piers viewed the hilarious side, as well as tweeted a clip of him being ‘pantsed’, joking: “Debagged by @ harry_styles – can not function out if this is a job higher or low?”.

Both were members of competing groups in a charity soccer match planned by Harry’s One Direction bandmate Niall Horan, which saw Harry scoring the only target for his group.

Various other members of his team consisted of fellow 1D singers Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson – that plays professionally of Doncaster reserves – and also pop superstar Olly Murs and comics Jack Whitehall and James Corden, that created the lyrics for the boyband’s ‘Best Song Ever’ video.

On the other hand their competitors, which eventually gained the video game after it went to a fine shoot-out, starred former professional footballers Robbie Savage and Boyzone vocalist Keith Duffy.

The boyband are presently back in the UK after spending time in South America as part of their enormously succesful ‘Where We Are’ trip, which is now making its way across stadiums around the country, winding up with 3 gigs at Wembley Stadium at the beginning of following month.